China Glaze ‘Shades of Nude’ Spring 2017

There is a quiet elegance about 'nude' shades whether you wear it as part of your makeup, clothing and/or nail polish don't you think? It's subtle, poised and confident - the best part is that we each possess our own unique shade of nude - but the quest is in finding it! As luck would … Continue reading China Glaze ‘Shades of Nude’ Spring 2017


China Glaze Ingrid

China Glaze Ingrid - is a dark 'hot chocolate' taupe infused with micro gold shimmer and has a slight greyish undertone in indoor lighting. This polish was released in China Glaze Vintage Vixen Fall 2010 Collection and was one of the more popular shades at the time as 'greige' colours was the trendy thing back … Continue reading China Glaze Ingrid

Spring 2012 Nail Polish Picks!!!

Hey guys, how's it going? Can not believe Spring is practically here - in fact it does NOT even feel as though we had a winter here in Toronto!! And this week it's super nice outside so it's the perfect time for Spring nail polishes! I will admit, I have not tired all the dark … Continue reading Spring 2012 Nail Polish Picks!!!