Zoya Tiffany + Revlon Sparkling

Zoya Tiffany - is a gorgeous peachy pink shimmer infused with a TON of gold fleck and shimmer particles. This polish was originally released in Zoya's Flame 2010 Winter Collection, I am certain you can order on their website but I am not sure what the availability is like in store. I got mine when … Continue reading Zoya Tiffany + Revlon Sparkling

Zoya Pippa

Zoya Pippa - is a beautiful bright yellow creme nail polish. I know this colour was released in a past collection but it is definitely a permanent shade - I have mentioned many times before in my youtube videos that yellow is my favourite colour and this polish makes me VERY happy! It is no … Continue reading Zoya Pippa

Zoya Uli + SOPI Wild About Shimmer

Zoya Uli - is a gorgeous peachy-nude polish infused with golden shimmer. This polish was released in Zoya Spring Serendipity Collection 2007  and is now I believe part of their permanent range. I think it definitely looks beautiful on warmer skin tones but I am on the fence if I should recommend it to cooler … Continue reading Zoya Uli + SOPI Wild About Shimmer