URBAN DECAY ‘Trouble Maker’ Mascara Review

Hi everyone, today's post is all about a NEW mascara released by Urban Decay called "Trouble Maker" - now this is a very saucy mascara as it's described as 'super fat, super long and sex proof'. Got your attention yet? Lol. Okay good. Before I get into the claims and the mathematics of the cost … Continue reading URBAN DECAY ‘Trouble Maker’ Mascara Review


Pretty Serious Cosmetics ‘Rainy Days’ Collection Swatches

Happy Fall 2017 everyone! I'm still in denial we're only 3 months away from a new year! But I have an awesome collection to share with you, it's the - Pretty Serious 'Rainy Days' Collection - which is the PERFECT transitional collection to take you from summer to fall or winter to spring. Pretty diverse … Continue reading Pretty Serious Cosmetics ‘Rainy Days’ Collection Swatches

China Glaze ‘Shades of Nude’ Spring 2017

There is a quiet elegance about 'nude' shades whether you wear it as part of your makeup, clothing and/or nail polish don't you think? It's subtle, poised and confident - the best part is that we each possess our own unique shade of nude - but the quest is in finding it! As luck would … Continue reading China Glaze ‘Shades of Nude’ Spring 2017

The New ‘Normal’ of Beauty Youtubers

The Year was 2009 and North America was in the midst of an economic recession. Seldom were the days of spending frivolously on items that were 'wants' vs needs - instead everyone was hanging onto every penny; feverishly trying to find ways to trim their cost of living. Living through and witnessing a recession as an … Continue reading The New ‘Normal’ of Beauty Youtubers

Drugstore Valentine’s Day Makeup & Nailpolish

Did you think I forgot about this week's post? Lol. This week on my Youtube channel, I featured a Drugstore Valentine's Day Look: Glossy Red Lips and simple Black winged liner. Truth be told, I don't celebrate the event but I thought I'd give my spin on a Valentine's look since I've never done one. … Continue reading Drugstore Valentine’s Day Makeup & Nailpolish

Cargo Cosmetics 20th Anniversary ‘In the Chill’ Eyeshadow palette

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well - today's post is a makeup related one (it's been a hot minute since I've down one!). I feel like Cargo Cosmetics is one of the most underrated brands out there - in fact one of my first Sephora purchases was one of their eyeshadows, way … Continue reading Cargo Cosmetics 20th Anniversary ‘In the Chill’ Eyeshadow palette