Hi there! Thank you for taking time to view my blog =)

My name is Zenorah – born and raised Trinidadian (Trinidad & Tobago).

I currently reside in Canada and I love makeup & nail polish.

While I am new to the blog world, I have a Beauty Youtube channel – ZENnetwork

I do enjoy blogging on everyday issues as well so my blog style is a bit off the beaten path 🙂

I love sharing and helping others, this is my small way in doing so.

I believe in positivity, karma, warmth and kindness.

Thank you for taking the time to view my blog.




For Business Inquires – Please forward an email to zenknetwork@gmail.com


ETHICS – Please do not use my photos without permission.


DISCLAIMER – Every product (ie. nail polish or cosmetics) featured on this blog was

 purchased with my own money, unless otherwise stated.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Zenorah!!

    Firstly how are you??

    I discovered your youtube channel this evening (morning! – bad I know…should be sleeping!) and was overwhelmed by how calming it was to hear your accent 🙂

    I’ll be checking up for further posts…..also If you ever come to London, I’d love to meet up! 🙂 Just drop me a line: p.charlier9@gmail.com

    All the best, Paul 🙂

  2. Hey chick! love you youtube channel and this blog as well! continue the great work! btw im from trinidad too and now living in canada as well lol!

  3. I dont know how i manage to come across your page in youtube, but you def caught my eye. Ive introduced my friends (girls of course) to your videos. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you very much hun – I am happy you manage to come across my channel and blog, means a lot to me that you spread the love. All the best to you my friend.

  4. Hey zenorah, stumble across your YouTube channel….. Awesome job by the way… At least I know am not the only one with a makeup addiction……am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing… :)…..keep up the good work…..

  5. Hey Zenorah

    I love your blog and yutube channel. I have to say that I was shocked on the video of how missjenfabulous was a thief and stealing from other bloggers! And love your accent by the way!!!:)

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